Sunday, June 20, 2010


believe it or not I haven't rested for hours since I posted my last blog. I'm not even tired yet. Watched My favorite Show Drop dead Diva Brooke Elliot is fabulous for a plus size woman, me myself i'm a plus size woman and its a great deal of pain losing weight but I wish to be at least a size 12. aww a size 12 is my ideal weight. But don't get me wrong BBW rock and i've meet my share of plus size women who are the most beautiful women on this planet and their super smart. Food get the most of use due to being bored, watching T.V., stay at home mom with kids,or eating Just because you just want too. I've been there done all that. But I haven't succeed in losing weight cause I fear it so bad. My mind things how will i really look if I been over weight for 19 yrs. I'd like to but fear to lose it. So does my hubby he want me to lose it so bad when he look at the models on t.v. I feel in some denial that I don't feel bad but I get over it.
Today I'm waiting to see if I win an auction and the suspense isso exciting it for some nail art things yup nail art stickers. I love those things their so pretty and once I them and they get mail I'll show them on this blog.

I have a crochet hat which I love but this hat was made by another person with great detail her name is Eileen Tepper. I posted this picture its one of the up most coolest hat ever she made.
you can find this hat on she has the pattern for sale @ $4.00 this hat has easy instruction and a video on to see the hardest part of the hat. It so super warm on cold day and very sterdy. I give full credit to her because I myself purchased the hat pattern and have made it over and over with no complication. But then I've been crochet on and off for 16 yrs. Plz don't ask for the copy of this pattern from me it is Miss Tepper pattern and she has it for sale. Due to Copy right I won't be able to produce it either. This is a DIY if you know how to crochet. I can do a giveaway and this hat will come in handy by Winter.
1. Must sub me @ channel
2.Must be 18 yr or older or have parental premission
3. This giveaway starts June 22,2010~July 22, 2o1o
4. you must comment below this blog to be entered.
I must have aleast 10 commets aleast for giveaway to be won.

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