Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OMG nails

today I checked my mail and when opening it found some EBay purchases I made. I purchased some Rhinestones, Beads, fruit slices for the decoration of the nails. I thought they'd be smaller but they were of a decent sizes wheels. As I look further into my Journey though the life of beauty it gets more exciting. Nails are sure a great thing to do and very creative. There are so many subjects on how to care for the nail even how to grow them. I love the designs you can find online and so much information about this subject. I'm no pro when it comes to nails . My life's to heck tick as it is but from time to time I breath in the fashions of art. I love art so much I remember going to the museums as a child and looking at what art made me feel. It made me feel free in a place i though no one could disturb. That's the way I feel about beauty in a space so paused. I sit here a sigh to myself just thinking of creativity we all have in our souls.

Here is a tip for keeping your nails moisturized especially your cuticles yup their very important it also reduces hang nails too and the peeling below the cuticles.

Did you know glycerin helps to keep moisture in so why won't it do the same for your nails?
Yes , Nails need moisture and glycerin is an agent use even in perfumes, food, cosmetic supplies.
I know we can't carry a glycerin bottle everywhere you go but you can carry some moist towelettes or some makeup remover wipes and even have a nice scent.
in the beginning you'll find that your hands will get sticky but though the day your hand will but hydrating themselves. but remember your also giving yourself aloe Vera, vitamins, E&B5 , extracts, Alcohol free, Hypoallergenic hands. So try you might like cuticles that will be more hydrated everyday. Till next time guys and gals hugs from the NYC.

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